Behold the Void

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Batman is the beddiest cat that I’ve ever had, and I love it.  He tucks me in at night, and generally does his best to pin me into bed every morning. This is the morning ‘lulz, you can’t get out of bed’ pose, wherein he’s between me and the edge of the bed. He WILL shift with a little nudge, but that’s a bitch of a thing to find first thing in the morning. *chuckles*

As Smalls wanted, Smalls got today; we’ve played several hours of Minecraft today. It’s been a bit frustrating for me because she gets panicky when we’re exploring and like… I don’t do creative. It’s boring. I do normal survival with cheats turned on. I don’t do much in the way of cheating, but I DID end up making Smalls diamond everything with every enchantment possible to coax her back down into our cave system. I get that the perfectionist-anxiety thing makes it really difficult, so I assured her that equipment could be replaced (as I did). She’s got a creative map up with her sister now, but as Daddy just bought Just Dance 2019, they’re both in here hovering while he sets up their profiles. I look forward to giving it a go when it’s not humid and dizzy-making and gross. Today is not those things, in my opinion. And definitely not the next couple of days, which are supposed to be warmer. ¬¬

For now, I am going to go back to knitting this random alpaca square. It’s leftovers of a cream skein that my friend Lori sent me ages ago, and I think that it’ll be perfect for modelling stitch markers against. I’m going to rephotograph most of those, since they were dark pictures. I redid one listing last night, but I think I could probably do it even better with more practice. We’ll see.

Right, I’m off.


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