Party of Three

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Well okay, there’s only two in this photo, but that’s fine. The big one was curled up around her computer playing, while the little one comes for cuddles often. They both got any number of hugs, and they both got their nails painted as desired. I had to take them outside to do it ’cause it’s murderously hot and the windows are closed (in the side passage where it was cool and shady), ’cause didn’t want the smell hanging around and making Z poorly.

And yes, windows closed, a/c on… and it’s barely pushing it below 30C now. It’s doing what it’s supposed to do, but it’s just brutally nasty out. And it’s supposed to get even worse this week. Like, we’re talking pushing 100F… that doesn’t happen here, not really.

So of course, Z, being the clever lad he is, realises that we can help keep it cool in here if we finally get around to curtaining up the study. that’s the only place on the ground floor that is unguarded in the air conditioned area (the kitchen doesn’t have curtains either, but we can close the kitchen off). We went out as a fam to pick up a curtain rod and a blackout curtain. Bonus, the girls had Subway for the first time, as there is one in the same shopping centre. He’s currently trying to get the rod installed, and I’m making myself hurry this up so that I can be on standby and help (instead of just sitting here photoshopping the girls’ heads into an image for our three-way amusement).

*fans self* Right. Back to cold beverage and keeping an ear out.


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