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I know I say most days that I am going to do as little as possible, but today took the cake. *laughs* I did a lot of staring into space and trying to find the executive function to knit, but anyways. It’s fine. I did the best with super exhaustion as I could. I can hope that tomorrow feels less tired.

Z and I celebrate our wedding anniversary this week. We conferred last night on the subject of buying each other cards, and agreed to give it a miss this year. I suggested then we could put it towards a takeaway, which Z countered with a family trip down to the Harvester. I’m all about the Harvester, and we’ve not been in ages. So that’ll be nice for all of us.

For now, gonna go stare at my wool, and poke at the game of the day. I booted up Epic Battle Fantasy 4 on a whim last night, and it’s killing a couple of hours nicely.


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