Rainbow Connection

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I think I mentioned that our token Aussie is heading back to Oz, and perhaps I even mentioned that she gifted all of us with wool and other pretties. Smaller has been after a rainbow hat for a bit, and I am nearing completion. Knock on wood, I’ll actually finish it without her clocking it.

Beyond that, trying to cool down now that Z hooked the A/C up, and planning a visit this weekend. One of my super-old internet friends is in London and wants to meet up. I figure, yanno, we’ve known each other the better part of 20 years, so meatspace meeting sounds grand. I won’t name names ’cause I think they’ve not got any friends from the website we met on, and I don’t want her to get hit with friend requests that she might not want.

*sniffs* Smells like dinner is ready, so I’m off.


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