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I had an order in today for one of the necklaces I listed yesterday, to my delight. I’d already had a bath and slapped some polish on my nails, so I was 500% ready to actually leave the house. So that was pleasing. There’s another that is likely to sell in the near future, so that’ll be nice. I’m deep in the red this month because of things like buying the lightbox frame thingie, so.

I ended up doing a wee bit more making today. The girls asked me to make earrings for them to give to their teachers, so I whipped up a couple of pairs. Those are now gift boxed for them to take in next week, since it is, indeed, the last week of the term. I don’t know for sure that they will meet with approval from their intended recipients, but I can send them out feeling like I’ve done some good work.

For the mo, I should probably like, figure out where my knitting is and work on that. Or fall asleep on my computer, ha ha.


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