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One of my local friends, I cannot remember who, had mentioned picking up a wheelchair on the cheap from one of the local auction houses. I’d mentioned this to Z, and commented that there was an online auction facility as well. Being Z, he did his research and discovered that he needed to go into the actual auction house to register for online. He wandered around and took some pictures of things while he was there, to include the likely-looking chair here. He’s got a bid put on it in the auction tomorrow, as well as some Lego. We don’t really need more Lego, but tell that to like, anyone who lives here. *chuckles*

Other than that, generic in, generic out. I need to get my knitting bag sorted for tomorrow; the girls already have their cases mainly ready to go spend the night at Nanny’s house. So they’ll have fun, and we’ll have fun, and we’ll all have Sunday to recover. 🙂

*wanders off*


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