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We are away from the wired internet at home, and I am successfully on WiFi. It took me a bit to undumb and figure out that I had a WiFi two in a drop-down menu with the stronger signals my adapter could pick up, so yanno, shame on me for not clocking it sooner. But it’s there, it’s working, and I’m online. Woo.

We had the amusement during our trip of getting a Hangouts call from Smalls. Apparently, her laptop was almost out of power and she didn’t know why. The tl;dr was that the power strip it was connected to wasn’t on at the wall, which we think would also go to explain why Smaller’s USB mouse wasn’t working properly. Nanny was confused because she didn’t know that we were accessible in this manner, so she got to chat with us as well while she helped Smalls get her computer sorted.

For now, just enjoying being in the company of friends. I’m chatting a bit, knitting, and playing a classic game (Evil Genius, in this case). Is good.


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