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Here’s a better picture of what my photo setup looks like. I don’t have any of the lights on for demonstration, but you get the idea. I think that the photos are coming along fairly nicely, but of course, I’m also paranoid and overthinking it as well. Still, I’m glad I’m doing it, and it has me revisiting and remaking some of my earlier stitch marker efforts. The ones ready to be photographed are just such a set, and I feel better for having applied my improved skills to them.

((All of which I’ve probably already said before in the past week or month, but whatever. *laughs*))

The weather pulled a sneaky one on us today. It was supposed to stay relatively cool and potentially rain. So of course, it was dry and got hot. I ended up putting the a/c unit on and am glad for it. It might not be as Death Valley as it was last week, but. *shrugs*

Right, time is a-wasting, so I am off. Have a good night, y’all.


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