Building, Rebuilding

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It’s been a busy day, and the shape of it has been as such that my brain keeps trying to think it’s the weekend. I woke up and had a quick bath, because we had a playdate scheduled and I wanted to be freshened up for it. Of course, the girls didn’t know that was coming until it did, ha ha. So that meant a shorter work day, and then a few hours of pleasant company. Smalls stepped up and was willingly volunteering to supervise her sister and Smaller’s guest, enabling us adults to chill out and chat.

It’s also been grand because it’s been chilly and rainy, which means I’ve spent the entire day feeling a bit cold. I like feeling a bit cold. I’ve made a point to not check out what we’re supposed to have tomorrow, ’cause I’d rather enjoy today now.

Past that, I’ve been continuing with the photographing and redoing-as-needed of stitch markers. It’s kind of zen, which is nice when I thought it would be annoying to redo my work. I guess that’s one of those signs of personal growth, or something.



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