And Chill

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It’s been a bit chilly all day — and I chuffing love it. I’m feeling it a bit harder right now ’cause I’ve had a hot bath, and my hair is still wet. But like, it’s giving me all the reasons to snuggle up in my bathrobe, so I am noooot complaining.

It’s been a productive day so far, I guess. I was able to keep mainly focused on work, which is always a crapshoot during the summer hols. Smalls is doing a great job of helping where I need her to, which makes it easier for me to stay on task. We topped off the workday with a round of baths for the three of us, and well. Roll on evening, roll on. I think I’ll probably continue doing photos and working on stitch markers, but I might knit. One of our group members pointed to charity bears that we could be doing, little flat things for remembering angel babies. Something like that.

Anyways. Something something.


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