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Back to Square One

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So, you know that snood I was knitting? It’s now been completely pulled back after talking to the person I’m making it for. She thought it would be cool if it was red and white stripes, so sure, why not. I ordered the wool for that and for the other one I’m making for her, so we’ll see how it… Read more »

On Duty

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Z has a meeting tonight, so I pushed my spoonie self to be of use. I did some dishes and cleaning, I crockpotted us a lovely beef soup, and am currently child wrangling. That amounts to the big one being sorted and in bed, while the little one is sitting on me whining because I am doing something in addition… Read more »

Spotted on Facebook

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Today’s featured images comes compliments of my friend Lyxia; she made it her Facebook cover photo and it made me smile. It is an understandably rough day for a lot of people with the end result of the Presidential election, so I’ve been doing my best to find little things to keep my spirits up. I also had something very… Read more »

Periscope Down

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If there was ever a day to avoid the news and the wider internet, today is one of those days. I’ve been fortunate that my Facebook has been a mainly pleasant stream of people sharing that they voted. The only mildly annoying spot was some of the sanctimoniousness of the third-party voters, but eh. I’m not going to hold it… Read more »

Textual Masochism

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I have pretty much done nothing besides writing today. I told myself that I was going to meet that 5,000 again, and try to surpass it. I’d set myself a hard cap of 10,000, but I’m definitely not going to make that without ending up a drooling wreck. The highest word count I’d ever gotten on a 750words.com entry was… Read more »

Running Past

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*waves* We have had company today. One of Z’s friends from when he lived abroad is fairly local doing a study course, so we invited him around to hang out. It’s been a nice day of chilling out and chatting, which means I don’t have overmuch to chatter about here. We played silly video games, we chatted, the children climbed… Read more »

Darn It

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That’s… seriously been the extent of my ‘creative’ today. I was folding laundry and noticed one of my few sweaters had a little hole in the arm, so I brought it downstairs to mend it. I don’t know that it’s the tidiest mend. This is a shot of the inside, and it looks pretty okay there, but it’s slightly puckered… Read more »

Serious Tunes

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Today was another day of Littlerbit deciding she had to be physically attached to me. I managed to shift her enough to get her lunch, and once for a few minutes to go play with the marble run bits. She started trying to play them like a wind instrument, so I got my flute out for a few minutes. To… Read more »

New Book Day!

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This in my hot little hands is the latest installment of the Rivers of London series by Ben Aaronovitch. E accidentally introduced it to me when she bought the third in a charity shop and thought I might like it. I did, though I did have to point out that it was in the middle of a series, and that… Read more »