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img_20161108_202316647If there was ever a day to avoid the news and the wider internet, today is one of those days. I’ve been fortunate that my Facebook has been a mainly pleasant stream of people sharing that they voted. The only mildly annoying spot was some of the sanctimoniousness of the third-party voters, but eh. I’m not going to hold it against them; they’ve all taken a lot of flack for not voting against Trump I might not agree with them, and I think both Stein and Johnson are absolutely terrible, but there you go. That’s my two cents, and that’s their two cents, and all of this will be some version of sort of over later tonight. Honestly, I’m glad that I get to sleep through it and find out in the morning, because like… well, I think I’ll manage to get to bed before I can get super anxious about it. Fingers crossed, eh? At least I’ve got the hefty tome to the left to help me relax, so yanno. *waves hands*


As of this morning, I have added 8,526 words to the total, bringing it up to 35,125. I was well pleased and not expecting that. I’m now at the point where I could slack off and return to doing  750~ a day and still win. So of course, I’ve done 3,115 so far. I honestly don’t expect to do much more than that because like, brain is in shutdown mode today for survival reasons. I even picked up my knitting and did a few rows, though not too many. My Civ 6 addiction continues to roll on while I play game after game and think about what I’m doing. 😀


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