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Back to Square One

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So, you know that snood I was knitting? It’s now been completely pulled back after talking to the person I’m making it for. She thought it would be cool if it was red and white stripes, so sure, why not. I ordered the wool for that and for the other one I’m making for her, so we’ll see how it… Read more »

New Book Day!

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This in my hot little hands is the latest installment of the Rivers of London series by Ben Aaronovitch. E accidentally introduced it to me when she bought the third in a charity shop and thought I might like it. I did, though I did have to point out that it was in the middle of a series, and that… Read more »


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Littlerbit has had a bit of a stomach bug the last couple of days, and I seem to have caught the edge of it as well. So I’m curled up at home instead of at the pub, and I’m fine with this. It’s lovely hanging out with everyone, but I don’t think I’m fit company right now.  So it goes… Read more »

Bootie Bootie Boot-ay

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Also known as ‘Raeyn is in a goofy mood because of the word bootie(s)’, and has been running around saying this for a couple of days now. But lookit, I DID finish knitting a pair of booties, so it’s sort of warranted. Or something. The only thing left of that which I wanted to make is a scarf, and that’s… Read more »