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_DFEngfIAlso known as ‘Raeyn is in a goofy mood because of the word bootie(s)’, and has been running around saying this for a couple of days now. But lookit, I DID finish knitting a pair of booties, so it’s sort of warranted. Or something. The only thing left of that which I wanted to make is a scarf, and that’s currently in progress. I’m not 100% sure on the pattern I’m doing, but we’ll see how I feel about it after a few more repetitions of the pattern itself.

Here, have a picture of me and a cat for an apology <3

Here, have a picture of me and a cat for an apology <3

I wanted to take a moment to apologise for anyone who was looking for my post last night. I’d actually finished writing it, but forgot to hit publish. I backdated it as appropriate, because yanno, I thought it was fair.

Of course, I’m sitting here justifying it to myself because oh teh noes, can’t fall off the daily wagon again, blah blah blah. I take a lot of pride in staying on the ball with my daily posting. My Livejournal is going on seven years of daily posting, while I’m coming up on three and a half years of daily posting on I’ve only been back on the saddle here for two months, and I’m honestly still not 100% sure what I’m doing here in the divvy of my blogging labour. I’ve been sucking balls at keeping up with my crafting blog, though I blame that more on the whole summer and both kids eating my brain. I keep misplacing the notepad that has my order of projects on it, though it’s now tucked under my monitor so it won’t escape (hopefully). It also makes me wonder how to best utilise my Livejournal. I could just double the posts I make here over to there, but I dislike doing that. I feel like I should be using it for more private things because it’s a ‘safe’ and controlled environment, but things not private enough to lock up in my I’ll figure it out eventually. Hopefully.

For now, I am going to drag my feeling like crap ass off to my knitting/gaming. I had a spell earlier that I felt like I’d been slammed by a combination of flu/cold and LSD. I’m still having some trailers, which is frankly exhausting. At least there’s only the one kiddo, and we do well in our own spaces in the same room. I have to work-work tomorrow, so hopefully that will work out for us.


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