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IMG_20160905_204638955I finally made myself sit down and claim the assorted free Pokémon out there. This is the 20th anniversary of the franchise, so they’ve been giving out Mythicals all year. I’m super-pleased — I currently have 717 Pokémon out of the 721~ that are currently out. I’m missing two Mythicals that are from existing games, while the other two are somewhere between Generation VI (Pokémon X/Y and ORAS), and Generation VII (Pokémon Sun/Moon). But anyways. I’ve still got four codes for Arceuseseses, which I’m happy to share with friends, or (likely easiest), cashing in all myself and then trading to mes amis.

IMG_20160905_134656886That wasn’t my only doing today though — we decided to hit the last day of summer break in style. You see, we meant to go swimming all summer. We even failed at doing proper splashing while on vacation at the beach, so I suggested to Z that we make this happen. Suffices to say, the children were thrilled. Smallhausen isn’t quite bold enough to go under the water, while Littlerbit was having a great time walking around. She went under a few times and wasn’t down with it, but then — it WAS her first time swimming. Considering that, she was a total champ. Z suggested that we could arrange for me to have the car here and there to take her swimming, just the two of us. That might well be a good idea. Or if not there specifically, just like, occasional outings. I give in so easily to being housebound that actually having the car might encourage me to yanno, go places.

For now though, I should get back to my knitting. I’ve finished one bootie and the other is in progress. Then it’ll be finding a scarf pattern that pleases me to go with it.


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