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This photo contains a clear melamine pitcher, lidded, on a messy deskAnd by ‘crystal’ I mean melamine, ha ha. It sure is pretty though! I’d asked Z if he knew where our old glass one gotten to, and he was pretty sure it had been broken. Fair enough. I’d explained my plan to make up a pitcher of squash in the lounge on my desk in the hopes that it would get me and the girls taking in more liquids. They were both initially charmed by the idea and ran in with cups, so who knows. It’s also about trying to find a happy medium between my hydration needs and chronic fatigue. I can easily sit for an hour or two with half a sip in my glass, nursing it beyond the point of reason because it’s hard to find the motivation to stand up and go a few rooms over. It’s loads easier than when the kitchen was downstairs like in the old house, but it’s still a stubborn spot for the executive dysfunction. I will say that on trial today it seemed to work well, to include hitting my sugar ‘needs’ enough that I didn’t want to rush out and get more soda.

This picture contains a bowl of raviolis in tomato sauce.

Comfort food. Because comfort food.

This picture contains a picture of a small green hat, atop its pattern called 'sea monkey baby hat'.I’ve managed to be productive after a fashion today, though my brain sort of shuts down at trying to itemise it. Laundry was washed, if not folded or put away. I did some of the dishes. I’ve done my writing tasks. I evaluated a blog for the network. I finished knitting and sewing up the tiny hat, but that was always going to be the case; baby hats are super-fast knits. I’ve cast on the first of the booties, though that’s going slowly in my foggy brainy state. I was bemused that the pattern suggested working it via magic loop on a circular, but really. 24 stitches. I pulled out my DPNs and that made aloooot more sense. I suspect that it will go fairly quickly all told, but part of me wants to focus on trying to evaluate another blog tonight, which doesn’t lend itself to thinking about knitting in tiny tiny rounds. I’ll figure out what makes the most sense. It could very well be curling up and playing Pokémon and ignoring everything else, ha ha.


*points up* This is my contribution to a post on my FB wall on the subject of fonts. Because I couldn’t resist seeing if someone tried to murder me for inflicting them with Comic Sans. Surprisingly, nobody has yet. I guess they’re just taking their time to plan the appropriate level of torture, ha ha.


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