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img_20161104_142222855Today was another day of Littlerbit deciding she had to be physically attached to me. I managed to shift her enough to get her lunch, and once for a few minutes to go play with the marble run bits. She started trying to play them like a wind instrument, so I got my flute out for a few minutes. To my bemusement, she was applauding me doing scales, but gives me a ‘Mommy no’ any time I try to sing. Hrmph.

And, of course, she wanted a go at it. I took quite a few pictures, but I liked this one best for a standalone. Not that she actually got any sounds out of it or anything, but it was really cute nonetheless. Me, on the other hand… suddenly sort of have chops? I’m sure the next time I bother picking it up I won’t again, but for a few minutes I almost sounded competent!


I’ve still not been doing much in that regard, but I did a few rows. And, seeing how it’s super-chunky, those few rows really add up:

img_20161104_195205811 img_20161104_195215746


I should probably try to give it a bit more of a stuck-in effort this weekend. We shall see how I am feeling about it, because…


A lot of my non-gaming attention has been getting put into my ‘fake’ NaNoWriMo efforts. As of this morning, I was up to 10,548 words. At current, I have another 4,233 to add to that. I’d like to get to 5,000 again today just because that would be cool, but I’m not counting on it either. I’m honestly surprised that I did it even once. My daily minimum goal is 2,000, and I’ve just sort of been adding on extra thousands as stretch goals. Today’s so far has been done against a backdrop of trying to work, and having said small child pressed against me, so it’s been a bit limiting. I can’t say that I ultra-mind childling cuddles, but not for hours at a stretch. My ADHD-riddled wiggly self doesn’t do well being pinned like that, and it can turn into screeching anxiety freak-outs if I’m not careful.

Anyways, I am going to dreamily stare at my word doc and play more Civ 6.


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