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I was well pleased with this ‘spooky’ picture. Dinner was a bit late, so I was trying to think what might make for a good picture for tonight. Littler loves to hide under blankets with her tablet, and one of the shots actually managed to match up with her peering up through the holes in the blanket. She looks like… Read more »

Unabashed Squealing

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My pretties arrived today! My two sets (and bat’s one set) arrived in good order this morning — with one of Z’s Amazon orders. The boxes have been sitting next to me taunting me all day. I’ve had silly things to worry about like, oh, work, and keeping the kids alive, ha ha. I know, not actually silly, but just… Read more »

Saving the Day

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The last bit for Littler’s Halloween costume came in today, so we let her put the bits on and flail around for the camera. I took a stupid number of pictures, but this one did the best of catching the essence of the ‘shoot’. We need to get Smalls to check the fit of her costume as well, but I’m… Read more »

Quick as a Flash

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In the realm of quick dinners, Z decided that taco boats were the winner. And they were! We blasted through the meat as well… as one could expect with an extra person eating it, ha ha. I ended up doing most of the cooking for once, if only so Z could work the dishes at the same time. I was… Read more »

Cat Mode

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I’ve got to say that I am enjoying the cat ear aesthetic just as much as I thought I would. These ears are pretty rubbish, but that’s fine. £2 was a good introduction point to see whether or not I could sanely handle having an Alice band (headband) with my current pair of glasses. The answer seems to be yes,… Read more »

Fun Marble Drink!

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D brought me some ramune soda when she came up for the party, which is yay. I’d not had any since moving here, so it’s a nice treat. And she brought a small variety of flavours to try, so I’m having melon. It’s not too bad, and Littler would have necked it if I’d let her have more than a… Read more »

All In

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Well, I can report that this party seems to be going well. Only one person had to leave early for naps, but I’m glad that we had her for as long as we did. bat has stayed upright by the magical power of Adderall, for which I am grateful. I mean, if they had needed a nap, I would not… Read more »

A Day

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That’s really all it’s been. I’ve been here, and more or less existing. I’ve done some knitting, I’ve been poking at puzzles on Flight Rising… that’s seriously about it. Well, and I cut up some jalapenos too, so that’s something. Even though I washed my hands, the burnination is imbedded in my fingers; I’m not sure I want to pick… Read more »

Serious Face is Serious

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Oh okay, it’s not actually serious. But as I forgot to take pictures earlier, I had to scramble for something and I thought ‘Selfie, ’cause hair stick’. Z found a green one that I’d mislaid years ago when we were going through stuff before bat got here, so I’m happy to put it to use. Nothing in particular happened today,… Read more »

This Has Been a Post

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Okay so like, I’m running hella short on time, so hello, speedposting! I did a dead good job of sitting still and not doing anything today. That included rounding off the year ends that needed doing for work, but not much else in that regard. I also eventually managed a bath to do that whole vaguely normal passing thing, so… Read more »