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Sweet Treats

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Today is that ever so glorious day where it’s okay to take candy from strangers — Halloween! This is the first time that both of the girls are out making the rounds, and I hope that the three of them (’cause yanno, Z with them) have a good time. Smalls was also excited because this year she gets to make… Read more »

Not Spaghetti Squash

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Today, I had the dubious pleasure of coring four pumpkins for tomorrow. I don’t know what the frack happened, but two of them decided they were spaghetti squash and I had like, ALL THE STRANDS. My working theory of the moment is that it had to do with the tool I used on the two over the spoon I used… Read more »

Saving the Day

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The last bit for Littler’s Halloween costume came in today, so we let her put the bits on and flail around for the camera. I took a stupid number of pictures, but this one did the best of catching the essence of the ‘shoot’. We need to get Smalls to check the fit of her costume as well, but I’m… Read more »

Halloween Means Picture Spam

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Okay, not like, *super* spam, but there’s obviously pictures of the kids, of candy, and of me. I blagged together something witchy to hand out candy in, because I like having fun too. I wish I’d picked up a properly sized hat when we were out shopping earlier, ’cause this one kept blowing off my head before I could open… Read more »

Hats Go Marching On

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Yeah yeah yeah, more little tiny hats. I’m starting to see where the pattern repeats give or take, which is fun to watch. ESPECIALLY when there’s a chance it won’t be a ‘proper’ repeat. I have to say, doing these in variegated wool keeps it a lot more interesting than single-coloured wool. Past that, just doing my best to be… Read more »

It Begins

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We got stuck into doing our Halloween pumpkins today. There’s four to be done, and we got the first two sorted through. Which means Z doing carving as directed by Smallhausen, and me doing lots of scraping and scooping. Arm day anyone? Not that I have any exercise day, but it amused me to lampoon a thing that is so… Read more »