Sweet Treats

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Today is that ever so glorious day where it’s okay to take candy from strangers — Halloween! This is the first time that both of the girls are out making the rounds, and I hope that the three of them (’cause yanno, Z with them) have a good time. Smalls was also excited because this year she gets to make the rounds with three of her friends in addition to her sister, and I’m sure that Z appreciates the extra adult company. bat and I are manning the door at this end. We’ve only had one group so far, but I’m sure we’ll see quite a few more before too long. After all, I’ve seen a couple of cars come in and out of the street in a way that suggests parents scouting out trick-or-treating routes, so. The house across the street has a pumpkin out this year, but I can’t see anyone else right off-hand.  There are probably at least two more houses in the street though.

bat and I have had a good last day of sitting around doing nothing. Well, I had a bath, but like otherwise? Cuddled up in my blankie not moving, and mainly making monosyllabic noises amidst weird jokes. bat compared me to original run Monty Python, which is one hell of a compliment. Like, bat gets my humour, but a lot of our extended friends don’t. It’s been really good for my psyche to hear their physical response to my weird jokes. After all, bat is one of the very few people that I permit myself to be completely vulnerable around when it comes to sore spots like that. 🙂

What else… oh, had to adult this morning. I managed to break a shelf in the fridge, so had to look up where to buy a replacement. I found a place fairly quickly, and Z got the order put in for that, and to replace a drawer in the freezer that got bunged up. So that’ll be fixed, and my various sodas will have their normal place restored.

Right, checking out to keep an ear out for timid door knocks.


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