Saving the Day

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The last bit for Littler’s Halloween costume came in today, so we let her put the bits on and flail around for the camera. I took a stupid number of pictures, but this one did the best of catching the essence of the ‘shoot’. We need to get Smalls to check the fit of her costume as well, but I’m pleased that we have this stuff organised in a timely fashion.

Knitting was very nice last night. bat and E have decided that they like each other after two sets of hanging out, which is pleasing. E might not be my BFFFFF, but she’s certainly someone I consider inner circle. E and I have always had a candid and honest relationship, ’cause that’s the sort of people we are. bat definitely fits in that niche too, plus the whole oversharing thing that we’re both so ‘bad’ at. Long and short of it is — I’m lucky to have good friends who I can talk to about anything and everything under the sun, and I am further blessed that they get along.

bat is currently off on their side quests as of this morning, which I am excited for. I’m also way freaking upset that some of the Placebo dates have been cancelled. They have gone from having three tickets to see Placebo, to having one that *might* happen. Considering this is a trip 20 years in the making based on being a Placebo fan, I am seriously upset that seeing them might not happen. Like, I probably scared Z half to death when I saw the news and shouted out ‘OH NO!’ at top volume, and top dismay. Keep Brian Molko in your thoughts y’all for a quick turnaround on healing, k?

I keep forgetting that today isn’t Friday. Today is the last day of the school term, so I’ve got kiddos hanging off of me until the 30th. Having said that, they are generally good at entertaining themselves, so I should be able to buckle down and get some work done. Like, I think it will go better with both of them here rather than what happens when my day is bisected by the school run. But also, because I had today to myself. I got some work done, if not as much as I wanted — because I kept mentally crashing out. As much as I love having bat around (and I sincerely do, ’cause part of my soul), it does me good to have some proper nobody is near me space. Plus, getting to know I’ll be seeing them again before they go… well. Better to not think about that yet, ’cause gonna be some bittersweet. 🙂

Right, onwards.


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