Unabashed Squealing

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My pretties arrived today! My two sets (and bat’s one set) arrived in good order this morning — with one of Z’s Amazon orders. The boxes have been sitting next to me taunting me all day. I’ve had silly things to worry about like, oh, work, and keeping the kids alive, ha ha. I know, not actually silly, but just feels like the day has gotten away from me and I haven’t done stitch one. I’m hoping to remedy that as soon as I’m done here…

Speaking of remedies (worst attempt at a segue way ever) — we received a letter a few days ago letting us know that the transition between one agency to another had finally been completed in regards to local mental health services provision. Z and I disagreed on the letter; I felt it was saying that I either had to be in dire need of help to stay on the records, and that otherwise I was booted out of the service. Z felt it didn’t say that, and indeed, he called for me and organised for them to book me in for a check up. I am mainly okay, true, but I don’t want to have to fight my way back through to get to what I have now. And even if I’ve not been seen in almost a year? I’m hoping that Dr. K is still there, and that I have the same deal as before — if I need something, anything — I call her and she’ll get me sorted. It’s exactly the level of care I need, and has served me well for the last couple of years.

Beyond that, today was work and kidcare. The girls were mainly good, outside of some tiny squabbling about ‘wah, she’s sitting too close to me’. You know, normal kid stuff. I didn’t get as  much work done as I wanted, but that’s going to be my go-to line until I’m actually caught up. I’m hoping that I can do well this coming week, but I’m not counting on anything until it’s actually done and done.

Right then. Kids are in bed, so fingers crossed I actually remember to pick up my knitting now.


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