Hats Go Marching On

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img_20161030_201411622Yeah yeah yeah, more little tiny hats. I’m starting to see where the pattern repeats give or take, which is fun to watch. ESPECIALLY when there’s a chance it won’t be a ‘proper’ repeat. I have to say, doing these in variegated wool keeps it a lot more interesting than single-coloured wool.

Past that, just doing my best to be distracted and prevent myself from completely melting down before tomorrow. Any time I have any sort of medical appointment, I go into super-anxiety for the days leading up to it, and it’s stupid. It’s fine, it’s pretty much always fine, and more so ’cause I take Z with me to my appointments. It’s a stupid anti-woman bias that most doctors have whether or not they realise it, so having him to back me up means I get taken seriously. I know that him being there helps keep me from being stuck to the ceiling screaming in panic, so. Doot. Y’all can laugh at me tomorrow when I confess that nothing bad or weird happened.

More pumpkin action

More pumpkin action

((It’s supposed to be a witch. We’ll see if anyone gets it))

Right, off back to knitting and gaming and trying to keep my stupid brain quiet.



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