Halloween Means Picture Spam

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img_20161031_170414683 img_20161031_162133442Okay, not like, *super* spam, but there’s obviously pictures of the kids, of candy, and of me. I blagged together something witchy to hand out candy in, because I like having fun too. I wish I’d picked up a properly sized hat when we were out shopping earlier, ’cause this one kept blowing off my head before I could open the freaking door. But eh, had it nearby, had a lightsabre chopstick as one wand, and a doofy faerie wand I’ve had since probably the 90s as a decoration to the candy bowl, and of course — my cape. I remembered where it was and was able to hook it out quickly. That over a black outfit did the job nicely, I think.

img_20161031_170809213img_20161031_170720413 img_20161031_193651666

Littlerbit was not okay with being in costume, so Z switched her back to her peek-a-boo ghost shirt. She was even less okay with being left behind with me. I wasn’t letting her eat all the candy, or try to sneakily claim it for later. She eventually settled on the couch with her sister’s tablet, a fact I ignored because she was happy and not flipping out at me for everything being horrible. *chuckles*


The Rest of the Day

As to be expected, my psych appointment went fine, even if I was indeed seeing someone not my normal doctor. It was good in a way though; while I’d not had an appointment in like, half a year, I’d been doing well. And being able to bounce that against a new-to-me person to confirm that we do indeed have my stuff in order was reassuring. My only complaint is that I was having a really hard time with his accent, and had to rely on Z to translate. That happens sometimes, just like I’m sure my fast-speaking American accent is hard for others.

We then went to the grocery store to pick up lunch, and to do a bit of Christmas shopping. I’d clocked over the weekend that toys were 3 for 2 through today, and Z had some ideas he wanted to look at. I’m rubbish at helping with the Christmas shopping for the kids usually because he is so freaking organised, so it was nice for both of us to stand there in front of toys and discuss them. Plus, I snaffled a stuffed unicorn for myself, which I walked around the store holding and probably got some weird looks. Whatever. To quote from Despicable Me: ‘IT’S SO FLUFFY!’ Now I just have to wait for Christmas for it, I think.

So yeah, survived today fairly well. Fingers crossed tomorrow goes well as well. I have a feeling I’m going to be pre-writing my 750words.com entry for it shortly. We’ll see.



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