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Full of Stars

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I’m a sucker for new pajama bottoms any time I walk past a display of them. Which means that, mysteriously, I’ve acquired another pair in the past week. They get top marks so far, as they are kind of fuzzy, covered in stars, and has pockets. One of the pockets has a tiny hole in it, but yanno, that can… Read more »

The Other Two

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I was running back and forth earlier when I noticed a white van pull up outside. I opened the door, since I knew it was likely to be a parcel, and noticed it was a Yodel van. My hypothesis that it was the remainder of my wool was answered when I clocked that it was indeed the signature pink bag…. Read more »

The Bat Has Landed

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I’m pleased that I managed to take the least flattering picture of me ever to express my joy of being back with my bat. They are here, we’re fed, and much happiness is the order of the day. Well, they’ve just gone up to bed, and I’ve eaten their dinner remnants atop mine. I am going to sleep like none… Read more »

Bye Stuff!

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Z and I continued our efforts on behalf of clearing up the house — and garage. This is a photo I took while we were at the tip, ’cause I like signs, and signs in a line are even more fun. Most of what we got out of the house were baby things, like the crib, carrier, and high chair…. Read more »

Sugar Crush

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Cake! So many cakes! A surfeit of cakes! So what does Smalls want when she gets to pick? She asked for the cake I made and brought, ha ha. She had a cupcake as well, and decided that she needed to help me eat my lunch atop that. It was a pleasant way to spend an hour out of the… Read more »

Let There Be Baking

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It’s been a long day. It’s been productive, so I’m a bit wiped out as a result. I made some good progress on work things, which was a relief after being so ill yesterday. Z and I organised to go to the store so I could get some baking bits//get some pizza from the pizza counter, and that went well…. Read more »


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When I took this picture from bed last night, I didn’t expect it to be my (potential) point of view for today. Which is to say, I woke up feeling a bit off, and then quickly started feeling like I’d been punched up and down every pipeline in my body. I managed to obtain enough relief that I deemed it… Read more »

Decreasingly So

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I can’t remember if I mentioned it last night, but I’m on the decrease now on this blanket. I finally hit the point where ‘bored now’ was taking over, so. I’m glad that I’ve done this blanket and done it this way, but still. I’m already ready to move on to another big project. Or maybe I just need to… Read more »

The Last Night

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Tonight’s image comes from when I was puttering around with Littler and Z’s mom while Littler ‘rode’ her bike. I really like signage, to the point of having gotten caught stealing a sign from a store’s bathroom, and being told I wasn’t allowed to come back. ANYWAYS. This is the last night on the current bed. I am excite. Z… Read more »

It’s Nearly There

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Today has been a long day, and a bit of a self-inflicted one at that. I was still aching from how hard I was working over the weekend, and decided I should add to that by taking Littler around to play at her grandparent’s house after school. It’s not like they live that far away, but apparently my back was… Read more »