Fun Marble Drink!

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D brought me some ramune soda when she came up for the party, which is yay. I’d not had any since moving here, so it’s a nice treat. And she brought a small variety of flavours to try, so I’m having melon. It’s not too bad, and Littler would have necked it if I’d let her have more than a tiny taste. And she could have necked it, as the marble is disappointingly inadequate to block the hole if you have it the wrong way around. xD

Today’s biggest accomplishment is blistering my tongue on a bag of Tangfastics. I got to the point of ‘the sour is actively hurting my tongue’, to continuing to munch them down past that point. There’s only a couple of them left in the pack, so chances are I’m going to go in for another round of blistering for the sake of finishing them off.

Oh, and I guess I helped bat look at train tickets. We managed to find one for the first leg of the side quests at a super reasonable price. We also looked at tickets for the latter legs of said quests to confirm that reasonably priced tickets existed, so that’s good. They bought the ticket for the first leg, and plan on buying the rest at need. I’m pleased, since yanno, don’t want them missing out on meeting other people. I was super worried that train fare would eff up everything, so. All the relief.

Anyways. I am going to go knit and zone out. As wonderful as yesterday was (and it was great through and through), I’m definitely feeling the knock on.



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