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Work Work Work

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Hihi, I know, I fell of the post wagon. I’m super focused on making things for the two (!!) fayres in doing next month. I’m also busy tryingggggg to get a bit better at social media. That means trying to get at least one post on Instagram a day, and to get my toe into doing Fediverse things. We’ll see… Read more »


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It’s New Glasses Day! These frames are like, the most bisexual glasses I could get, ha ha. There’s red, there’s blue, and it twinkles to purple too. I picked them with less thought than I usually put into it, and spent the last two weeks going ‘oh, did I pick the right ones’. Yes, I did. 😀 But also, yay,… Read more »

First Up

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We decided to get the kids a new scratch tower… Vivi has been testing it out (and Halo is on there now too). Really, three kids were immediately trying to help as soon as Z opened the box. It’s in situ now, and the old one mainly disassembled… I wonder how long before they can shred this one. The first… Read more »

Sweet Goob

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Vivi has recently taken to walking under my chair, just past me, and then letting out a single meow at me. Whelp, guess who gets scooped up and plopped in my lap for his troubles? Yup. Not that he minds — he was purring his little head off. Glad at least one of the four is slowly succumbing to being… Read more »


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Cats love boxes — this is known. So of course, Vivi crammed himself into the smallest box possible. Which yanno, cute, stop, etc. Really, had great cat company today in general, ’cause I opened the windows. We’ve got screens to cover them to keep the cats in, but that meant that all three boys could sit at the back and… Read more »


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I don’t know where my brain is this month, but I’ve now managed to miss multiple appointments at the surgery. I’m feeling a bit stressed about it, not gonna lie. But there is nothing I can do right now, so I am going to do my best to put it aside and not dwell. I had a hankering to reorganise… Read more »


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Here y’all, have a picture of Vivi looking loafish last night. It sort of conveys what the heck was going on, but like… loaf. Such a weird cat shape this loaf was. It’s been a foggy day brain-wise, but not too bad. I got work done I wanted to get done and am still on top of everything. I’m making… Read more »

Here Here

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I live, honest. I’ve been super busy lately doing stuff to get my co-op shop ready. But it’s ready, it’s up, and you can shop it easily from Because yeah, I’m fancy like that. It’s mainly the same stuff that’s on my self-hosted shop, but obvs, I would like to drive traffic to the co-op and help it grow…. Read more »