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A Family Game

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Smaller has expressed an interest in learning chess. Z likes playing chess, so it’s match match. Vivi… just likes to take part, ha ha. So of course, I look up and find *both* of the cats are investigating the board. Ah well. FB is gonna get slammed with lots of pictures of the cats being cats, as the world demands…. Read more »

This Effin’ Cat

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I can’t remember why I walked into the kitchen… Smaller maybe called me in? But I found Vivi sitting in the middle of the table mess, looking smug. Yes cat, I know we’ve let it get a bit built up, but eeesh. Cats, innit. Not up to anything particular today. Had the historical thing rolling on the telly, but not… Read more »


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I shared this yesterday on FB, but couldn’t resist using it tonight. I both adore and despair of these ‘kittens’ and the places they get themselves into. Vivi was perfectly comfy and not stuck in the slightest… goober. I got a few more sets of stitch markers made up today, and realised that yeah, I needed to restock both headpins… Read more »

Together Then

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Z and I noted as we were driving out of the village that this was probably, almost assuredly, the first family outing since Covid hit the world. We did a wander around B&M buying too many snacks, picked up some fruit and lunch at Tesco, and then came back home. Did I say snacks? So many snacks, ha ha. Bonus… Read more »

One of

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When over at Mum’s house, I did my semi-regular barefoot run through her back garden, taking pictures of random things. I also made a second run to pick some apples, as her Bramley was quite fruitful. They aren’t eating apples, so I didn’t really want them for me, but I figured that she could gift them to her neighbour. And… Read more »

Inner Vivi

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I pulled a face at my phone, and it’s like… hi, I look like I’m trying to be Vivi. Mainly in the eyes; his face is a smiley one. Not a lot going on today. Work happened, having some fun in┬áDiablo 3. I got around to washing and pressing some cross-stitches I’ve had sitting around, so I need to think… Read more »

Side by Side

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Though I hadn’t received notification it was inbound, Poison’s stone arrived today. It’s beautiful, and looks great next to her brother’s stone. Smaller suggested we do them side by side, which yes, that works, we can talk to both of them more easily. I realised in the past few days that like… pride stuff… stitch markers… why not combine the… Read more »


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As said, the boys are jazzed to have the table back to fill with their increasingly large selves. So looking back and noting that I had 1.5 cats due to curtain hiding cracked me right up. Nothing fancy today. Back to work, got some stuff done, consumed a sugar bomb to try and get my brain into working mode. It… Read more »


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The boys have been very happy to have their table back, after I’ve had it covered in crap during The Great Winding Up. I roll over to give lots of pets, they can observe the outdoors, and chase tiny invisible flies. I actually spotted one earlier, and picked Vivi up to try and help him get it. He didn’t appreciate… Read more »

Aww Yeah

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I looks like I’m going to get my wish of completing my banana today — hooray! Then… I don’t know. I think… I think I’m going to frog my sock and pick a different pattern. I might be close to completion, but I am so very deeply unhappy with the heel that I’d rather just… go again. Maybe I’ll just… Read more »