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Bathroom Bug

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I know that cats, like people, have their quirks, but I can’t get over the fact that Raven thinks me being in any sort of sitting position in the bathroom means it’s lap time. I’d scooped him up so I could sit down and brush my teeth, and he decided it was a perfect time for cuddles. Ah well, at… Read more »


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Yup, Vivi again. He’s always the closest when I want to photograph a cat, so he must suffer his fate. *giggles* Not a lot to report. Got myself in a bit of a tizz because I thought it was Wednesday instead of Tuesday. We’re not really gonna be working on Thursday and Friday, so I want to make sure I’m… Read more »


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In that cat sort of way, I looked up to see Vivi deciding to jump on top of a door that leads nowhere. He gave me a look, and got down pretty promptly. I mean, c’mon cat. This was beyond pointless. *chuckles* Ah well, cats are gonna cat. As for me, I didn’t do a great job of kicking back… Read more »

Box Allure

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Cat in a box, cat in a bo-oo-x. Cat in a small box; I helped shove him in there, to his amusement. Because yanno, cats. Boxes. Not been up to a lot today. Felt a bit of spiky anxiety for no reason earlier, but it wandered off thankfully. Mainly just gaming and knitting, which is my favourite way to spend… Read more »


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Halo has been curling up on the couch by me quite a bit the last couple of days — yay. Vivi already did to some degree, so when they combine forces, they’re lucky I don’t wake them up shrieking with delight. *chuckles* This is from last night; it’s just Halo for the moment, looking eminently smoochable. Must resist, must let… Read more »


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Today has basically been non-stop wire wrapping. First, I did 40 keychains, and now I’m working on earrings. Just like, earrings all the way down. I’m taking a punt on them selling at the ridiculously low price I’ve got them. Like, swallow my pride, let’s just tryyyyyy to get some sales. Well, and I also started dolling up some little… Read more »


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I had a post box run to make this afternoon — two orders off of the Co-op, woo hoo, etc. I probably should have put a light jacket on, because hey, it’s midway through October and it’s starting to get nippy out there. But nope, no jacket, tank top, sandals like it was Texas, ha ha. And in that, I… Read more »


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Another Monday, another day making things. Not quite as productively as yesterday, but that’s fine too. Self-care requires taking it a bit slow by and by. I finished a headband, started another, and got stuck in on a cross-stitch. I did some photos and videos for the Co-op; my hair is gross, but whatever. Right. Gonna go look at crafty… Read more »