No Comments on 3/6

Finished off the Demigirl flag earlier, so that’s 3 of that set of 6. The next planned is graysexual probably… then haven’t decided quite past that. I do want to do the Leather flag at some point, and I’m tempted by Neptunic in honour of Small’s professed current dating preferences. But if I did Neptunic, I’d want to match that with similar attraction spectrum flags, so we’ll see. Next on the hoop is going to be another aroace, to replace the one that sold.

Past that, feeling pleasant this evening. I’ve had a bit of a raging headache the last couple of days, but I decided to actually take some pain meds to be more or less fit company for Mum’s usual Sunday dinner visit. Obviously, I’m still in ridiculous quantities of pain, but having one of them pushed back to a degree makes a soul feel a million er a thousand er… ten times better? A bit better, at least. *chuckles*

Anyhoos, childing to get in bed, etc.


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