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Z and I have been annoying Poison by taking lots of pictures of her, trapped in arms. She mainly loves it, don’t get me wrong, but she has her dignity to protect. I’m feeling quite triumphant because I managed to scoop her up a few minutes ago, and she consented to being held for a couple of minutes, purring her furry head off. She shifted when she was ready to, and I’m hoping that it’s a start of her being a bit more regularly receptive to it. She’s got extra humans to take care of with her brother gone, after all.

Past that, it’s another week in the bag. We didn’t really have a lot going on, y’all probably noticed. Hopefully the weekend will follow suite. I’m currently swung back around to playing Divinity 2 some years after my last jab at it, and it’s… dated, but fun.

Right! Onward, upward, etc.


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