Tolerance +2

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I’ve had better luck scooping Poison up for cuddles today. I’ve only done it to her twice, because I don’t want to stress her out, but I think she’s also realising that I need the privilege to help me grieve her brother. She is so freaking heavy; I wouldn’t be surprised if she outweighs the average baby. I can’t be bothered to try and weigh her though, because that would stress her out needlessly. The main thing is that she’s letting me hold her a bit, and it’s probably doing both of us some good.

Not a lot past that. I’m most of the way through Divinity 2, I think, but it crashed. Happens, but I tend to get grumpy at losing even a second of time between saves and maybe crashes (and I still play Sims 3, but ANYWAYS!). So I’m dipping my toe into Dysmantle, which uh. Gooooood. Z has been playing it, and it caught my eye. Y’all know me, I love it when we’re playing the same game, solo style.


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