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Batman there on the top was very, very lucky that Poison was in a deep sleep. She is not keen on him being in her bubble, and will turn from the sweetest snuggleslut to a vicious mauler. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ll be petting him in bed and find a new wound — because he got too close. Having said that, they loved being in each other’s space as kittens… but that was a very long time ago.

I got almost nothing done today work-wise… and hard to care, ’cause it’s Friday. The main thing on my mind is that we’re going to be peopling soon. I’m looking forward to a meal out, but I’m dubious about being like… social. At least taking my knitting comes off as quirky instead of rude, and gives me something to channel anxiety into. I’m undecided what I want to take, so I should probably figure that out shortly, rather than bringing the entire knitting bag (which I might do anyways, ’cause my purse shoves into it nicely at current).

As for the weekend… I need to find spoons to chores. Z has been super on the ball with tackling things that need doing before my grandmother visits next month. Yes, grandmother! And aunt! Not seen my aunt in almost 20 years, so that’s going to be pretty cool. I have things I’d like to do on a personal level, but it’s the whole trying to make things happen without doing too much… which so far has continued to amount to fighting executive dysfunction to figure out where to start. I know I want to do the downstairs bathroom again, and I know that won’t take me too long, but there’s the whole making myself do that and stopping rather than trying to keep the ball rolling and do myself a damage.

Anyways. I should get myself ready.


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