Shall Be My Queen

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It’s knitting tonight, and a part of my self-care regime for going out and peopling has been making the effort to paint my nails. Today’s colour is another one from a-england — Shall Be My Queen. It looks a lot pinker online than it does in person, though apparently I see it redder than other people in meatspace. Whatever, I like it. I also broke down today and bought Perceval, ’cause it’s on sale for £6.50 due to it being the owner’s cat’s birthday (all the polishes are; the first one doesn’t show up as such ’cause it’s an outlet polish). I’m not usually one for reds, but I saw it on a polishholic and got the needs for it real bad. I look forward to getting it on my fingers. I also look forward to doing a clear out of my existing polishes, so if anyone local wants stuff, watch my various spaces. *grins*

Past that, it’s been work, and rolling a fresh game of My Time at Portia. There’s something very satisfying about starting fresh after pottering around for a bit; I feel like I’m significantly more on the ball with the things I want to do/need to do/etc. I’m also spam-raising my relationship with Gust ’cause he happens to like a book that I can get lots of copies of from the first ruin, so like, actually have my first heart by the 19th of the first month… pretty cool, methinks.

Right, gonna go back to gaming, and getting my bag ready for tonight. I’m leaving behind blankets ’cause they’re getting too unwieldy to take out, so back to socks/small person cardi.


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