Slow Progress

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I finally managed to rub some spoons together and get a few bits of tidying done. It’s nowhere near where I/we want it to be, but it’s a start. Z has made a lot of progress jiggering things around, which I am super impressed by. He’s even gotten Smalls to help him out, which is excellent. I’m hoping that I can get her and Littler to do another ‘bye bye box’ — putting toys they don’t play with in a box so we can donate them or chuck them in the bin. That’s really a big part of what we’re trying to accomplish with this ‘need’ to tidy and clean — getting things out of the house. I’ve even got another box of books ready to pass on to E. I found a box with -a- book in it, which probably means I should suck it up and try to fill up that one as well.

Anyways. I’mma go digest a lovely dinner, and try to figure out if I cocked up my knitting last night. I’m probably overthinking it, but still.


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