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I spotted this van outside of the surgery, and about died laughing. The acronym stands for ‘All About Health’, but seeing something shouting AAH at me outside a doctor’s office is just. Well, see subject line. Ded. xD

And why, you might ask, was I out to see this? It was Littler’s nativity production. It was blessedly short, for both us, and the kidlettes. It was the littlest ones, so ages 3-5 sort of range. Littler had a great time and did her best, though some of the other kids were really sad. I can only presume it was because their parents weren’t there, but the hall is small, so there’s another production tomorrow. We’ve made sure Littler understands that we cannot be there because other peoples’ mommies and daddies want a chance to see their children.

Otherwise, it’s been fairly standard — do the work things, do the knit things. All in all, it makes for a lovely day.


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