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Smaller excitedly told me when she got home from school that she had a party hat. Said party hat ended up being a coloured triangle of paper, but I clipped it into my hair nonetheless and asked her what she thought. She was pleased, so I’m pleased. Smalls ran in and tried to take it out of my hair for ‘her turn’, but then she remembered she was wearing an elf hat and let me be. *chuckles* I love that she was excited about her little sister’s efforts though. I just love them, and am grateful every day that they’re such solid friends. Maybe that will change when they are older; I’m not going to force the dynamic on them.

Today has otherwise been… zoned out. It’s been neither good nor bad, just sort of… there. I guess that’s okay? I didn’t have anything super important to do today, and the things I had to get done are, for the most part done. I can accept this. I’ve gotten a lot out of myself lately, so a day (or even a couple of days).

Right, I am going to go stare at my knitting. I might be able to finish the first sock tonight, which would be nice. I want to assure myself that I didn’t botch up the sizing, and the best way to do that is putting it on. My last pair ended up a bit long in the foot, not much, but enough that I feel off of my game. Worst comes to worst, I frog it back and redo it. It’s not like socks take that long to knit up, and it’s all practice.


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