Purr Joy

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One of the things I knew Miss Poison would miss about the old couch was being able to hide her head. I don’t know why she finds that especially comfortable, but as you can see, it seems to put a smile on her face (though she’s usually tucked further under the pillow). I’m just happy that we accidentally recreated that scenario for her.

I finished sock #1 last night, and to my relief, it appears to be a perfect fit. I had been telling myself for days that I was okay with frogging it completely and starting over, so very, very glad that I don’t actually have to. I’m making quick progress through the cuff on the second one, and we’ll see what sort of damage I do tonight at knitting. Hopefully I’ll get my headache under control by then, because it’s pretty brutal and it’ll severely limit my ability to deal with, well, anything. *chuckles*

My only gripe of the moment is not knowing what to play, game wise. I recently acquired two titles that I really wanted (Fallout 4 GOTY, and Divinity: Original Sin 2), but apparently am in less than no mood to play right now. So of course while writing this, Z mentions that there’s new Two Point Hospital DLC, which I went from ‘I’ll get later to’ ‘oh, I just bought this’. So I guess I’ll poke at that a bit more, perhaps. xD

Right, off to shove pain meds in my face.


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