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So like, all I wanted today was a huge pile of work to keep me distracted… so of course, there wasn’t. As you might’ve guessed based on last night’s post, my grandfather passed last night. I’m not dwelling on it or anything, but I -am- sad, and I -did- want something to keep my brain busy.

The one upshot of not having ‘proper’ work to do is that I plucked up the courage and got my first contest/giveaway started on the Facebook page for my crafty stuff. I hope that all/most of my friends will at the very least share the post so I get more traffic, and then hopefully more sales. While I’m not worried about striking it rich, I *would* like to make enough to cover my own costs. Right now I want more beads, but I can’t quiiite justify more beads, especially since I spent what I considered my mental extra on more findings. And of course, it wasn’t allll the findings I wanted to buy, blah blah.

I guess that’s it for now. It’s probably good that I’m out tonight for knitting… probably. We’ll see.


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