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I somehow managed to completely forget to blog last night… oh well. I’m sort of glad because it tells my brain that breaking perfect streaks isn’t going to break the world. I’ve got so much weird anxiety about that, which, I know. *doinks brain and chuckles* It’s silly.

I’m mildly annoyed at Facebook right now. I decided I was going to rename the page associated with my craft blog to reflect my Etsy shop, as I was already using the page to tell about my Etsy goodies. I’ve been rejected twice over it, once on appeal. I’m hoping that my second appeal makes it clearer, because I really don’t want to have to roll a fresh page. If I have to, I have to, but I just want it resolved so I can think about doing a giveaway. All of my making this afternoon has been with that in mind, and I have four disparate sets of markers made — two for crochet, two for knitting. I figure if I make a couple more one offs (~) to offer as follower prizes, then hopefully I can drum up some new custom. I also need to think about tweaking the posting and packing fees slightly, but it would be modest. That amount covers the posting, the packing, the listing fees, and a few pence for the fact I have to hobble my crippled ass to and from the post office. But that doesn’t stop me from feeling a little bit bad about having to charge it.

But eh, besides that I have done bupkis today besides taking a bath. I was in random jags of pain as anxiety attempted to exit my body, and I expect that even working tomorrow (if there’s work for me), the anxiety will continue to subside. We’ll see. At least the girls being around isn’t as bad after today, but they’re also a bit more subdued after a day of playing with friends.

I also emailed my grandmother. My sister left me a note overnight that our grandfather wasn’t going to be around a lot longer. I’m not sure how I feel. Obviously, I’ll be sad he’s gone, but I can also count on one hand how many times I’ve seen him. He didn’t like to travel, so it was a couple of summer visits, and a few trips down from upstate when I was stationed in said state. I never really counted on ever seeing him again because travel is expensive and I’m not a fan of it either, so. I don’t know. I’m glad that my sister is keeping me in the loop though. I’m glad I can still close my eyes and see a twinkling smile. I’m glad we had service in common, and that we could bond over it.

Right, train of thought is crashing and burning, so I’m off.


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