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No Sun For You!

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As I am writing this, parts of the United Kingdom are able to catch a very teensy partial eclipse off of the one that just crossed the United States. So, of course, we have total cloud coverage, ha ha. Z reminded me that we *did* get a 90%-er a few years ago that I’d miscategorised in my brain as a… Read more »

Well, That Happened

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I did make myself sit down and finish off the last couple rows of my top. And then, I put it aside, reasoning that I wasn’t in the mood to do the sewing. So, of course, I did the sewing. And while there are still approximately one million ends that need weaving in, the actual sewing is done. It’s like… Read more »


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Well, I’m apparently off to a flying start on this blanket. It’s cheerfully mindless, only requiring me to think on the first stitch and a half of a row to make the increase. Well, and to change colours at the right point. I’ve got it going for 20 rows at current, which… it might be a bit fat, but I’m… Read more »

I’ve Got a Brand New Bag…

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Of wool. Because it was £5 a pop for a couple of 400 gram balls of aran wool, and I made grabbyhands at getting it for half-price. These were the four balls available — two black, and two lilac, and I am going to use them to make blanket. Or blankets. I’m not really sure how much ridiculousness I can… Read more »

Pell Mell

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The day is getting away from me in a major way. It started overnight, with a super restless night of ‘sleep’. I didn’t make anything of it, because Z was just as bad. If anything, I woke up a bit before him, but we stayed in bed and cuddled (which was bliss). Less blissful was getting downstairs and realising I’d… Read more »


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I don’t really have anything to say today, so have a picture of one of our cats, Poison. She tends to live on the back of one couch or another, surveying all that she rules. Yes, I feel she is the true ruler of the house, ha ha. And that’s fine — I love our little old lady. She’s very… Read more »

Love Is (Edible)

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Last night, Z sent me a link to something he was thinking of buying. I said yes, and that’s why we have a freaking display rack of 200 Chupa Chups in the house. I mean, come on, what could be cooler? And he did the math and it comes in at about 12 pence a lolly, so it’s good value… Read more »

All Shiny and New

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I awoke this morning to the sound of construction going on outside. I don’t know *why* exactly, but it made me smile. Why was loud noise gonna make me smile, ha ha. It turns out it was something to smile about — the new streetlights are going in. They’re LED and can be individually adjusted and all sorts of shiny… Read more »

Sunlight Dreamer

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Today’s picture comes compliments of actually going outdoors, ha ha. The kids were over visiting their grandparents, so Z and I took the tape measure outside to get a loose idea of what we’re working with in regards to the near future refurbishments. Our base plan involves taking down a dangerous old wall and replacing it with a fence, but… Read more »

Impulse Goooood

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Z and I do the vast majority of our grocery shopping online for delivery. We tend to start in the discount section, which means that we get some things we’d probably not get otherwise. One of mine this most recent shop was cinnamon rolls, which nobody regrets. We all had one as a post-dinner treat and were well received. It… Read more »