Love Is (Edible)

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Last night, Z sent me a link to something he was thinking of buying. I said yes, and that’s why we have a freaking display rack of 200 Chupa Chups in the house. I mean, come on, what could be cooler? And he did the math and it comes in at about 12 pence a lolly, so it’s good value in addition to amusing me. If the girls are lucky, they’ll be some waiting for them tomorrow, ha ha.  Chupa Chups are very much a ‘back home’ for me thing, so the temptation to power through them will be hard to resist!

Z also got to my heart through my belly today another way — he picked up steak and fixings for dinner. I’m pretty sure I’m about to explode from eating too much, and I am more than fine with that. I can’t remember the last time we had steak, so it was certainly a welcome meal… that, and I would probably eat steak most every meal if I could get away with it. Oh okay, not really, but he cooks a mean steak and I prefer beef as a protein source over chicken (though he’s managed to get a variation going well enough that I’m not as put off by chicken as I used to be).

The girls were pretty good today in keeping the lounge tidy. Which is to say, Smallhausen kept on top of it while Littler didn’t leave quite as much of a trail of destruction. There are a few bits that need sorting out, but they are very few indeed. Naw, the biggest problem I had today was trying to get Smalls to go outside and play with her sister. She keeps grumblefussing because I’ve not organised any playdates for them, but shit. I’m tired. Z and I have been trying to get back on top of the basics for over a month. We *just* got the lounge clean I don’t want to invite more people to mess it up, etc. I get that she misses her friends and presupposes that her sister does as well, but shit. Nothing is gonna happen at this exact second.

*gets handed a meringue* Ha! I’m spoiled.

Right, I should… well, I don’t know if I am going to do any knitting tonight ’cause I’m scratching a Minecraft itch. We’ll see.


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