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Math and Fashion

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Littler came stomping down in mismatched wellies, and I was charmed enough to ask her to take a picture. She agreed… and then grabbed her sister’s math book and started trying to hide behind it. After a couple of attempts I managed to get this particularly triumphant shot for the win. And yes, math book. Z and I saw some… Read more »

I Thought There Was More

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Last night was utterly brilliant. Good company, good conversations… and free, good quality wool. A visiting sister of one of our regulars had brought a box of wool to give away, and I made with the grabby hands. I was positive there were more skeins of the wool on the top, but I can’t see any. Maybe she nicked a… Read more »


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I can confirm that the first top I blocked took on the extra inches. It would be nice if it was even a bit longer, but it does the job of happily covering my squishy tum-tum. I was also able to put a little more give into the neckline, which I made the mistake of not doing as a stretchy… Read more »

Block Party

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Like many knitters, I am a reluctant blocker. I knitted a lot of tops last year and while I’ve worn some of them successfully, several of them definitely needed the blocking treatment. For instance, this green top? In spite of making it to measure, it somehow rucked up to a super short 16 inches. There was no freaking way that… Read more »

Stage One: Done

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I cast off on the front half of my top a little bit ago, and started casting on for the back half. Then it was dinner time and now I’m just sort of a fooded blob of zoning out. I can’t say that I mind, not really. It’s a comfortable place to be. I can hope it translates to better… Read more »


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Today’s picture is the armhole shaping of my top. It’s simple and attractive, two features I like in my knitting. I’ve made myself put down the 2DS and do a bit of knitting instead of Pokemonning, so yanno, a bit of progress. It also helps that I ‘won’ Farm For Your Life, so that itch is scratched for the time… Read more »

For Those About to Rock

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This afternoon, we attended a party at a friend of mine’s house. Z and the girls had met her the one time previously I had, but none of us had been to her house. So I’m proud of the girls for being well behaved, and I’m proud for Z for keeping his head above water in an unfamiliar place with… Read more »

Pew Pew

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Today started as one of those days where everything was getting on my tits. The girls, bless ’em, were already bouncing off the walls and going full tilt, while I could barely keep my train of thought on the rails. I ended up getting a bit snappish because please dears, let your mother have some caffeine. But nobody died, I… Read more »


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Before we moved in, there was quite a bit of work that needed to be done before it was ‘habitable’. The wiring hadn’t been updated since the 60s, and most of the rooms needed some degree of redecoration. In that, Z’s parents were a huge help (and with enabling us to make the move in general). There was also assorted… Read more »

Back to the Start Again

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Start? End? Middle? I’m really not sure what the right descriptor word is in this situation, ha ha. The point is I’ve caught up on what I messed up on, and the only reason I’ve not gotten past that is that I’m feeling lazy about switching needles. Instead, I’m poking at Farm For Your Life, albeit on peaceful mode. It’s… Read more »