Well, I Never

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Today’s picture comes from Z’s camera roll. I mean, how can I not use this? So cute, so… outraged? Gooberesque? Pure cat.

Speaking of cats, turns out we’re going to be picking up the kittens after all. Which, fine, just have to make sure to not do anything in the moving vehicle whatsoever. -__- I used to be able to knit without doing myself any real harm, but I guess that’s too much these days. But still, kittens! Woo! And, cheekily, it means I don’t have to rush so hard to get things fully tidied, ha ha. Obvs, if we can get a round of decluttering pushed through, it’ll make a huge difference in, well, everything. Just hard to do when both of the nominal adults are on the bench for the most part.

Anyhoos. Gonna go yarn and game and enjoy the things I enjoy.


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