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Our new babies are home! We’ve had some amusing encounters, but nothing hostile. Raven had spotted Halo (the boy) and gone for a nice sniff greet. October wandered over, curious, which sent Raven jumping backwards with a ‘There’s two of you?!’ vibe. Vivi has been mildly hissy, but mainly just sort of keeping an eye on them. Last check, they were semi-smugly curled up on our bed, which is where the boys nap during the day. Not complaining — pile allll the cats on me.

But yes, so far, so good. The babies have been cheerfully wandering around and checking things out without feeling a need to hide. I do have the carrier on the floor with the gate open as a touchstone if they need a sniff of their foster mum, and indeed, I’ve seen October pop in and out a few times (and Vivi as well, because of course).

Right, off to other things.


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