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Today has been a pretty rocking day. I’ve had three Etsy orders out the door. I had a chance to go visit Mum briefly. I got, le gasp, actual feedback in my shop. And work was just a victory lap, leaving only a few bits to pick over… next week. I don’t currently plan to work tomorrow, ’cause I don’t really need to (unless Z needs me to help with something, then it’s on).

So yeah, pretty happy all in. Currently just poking at Sid Meier’s Railroads!, and preparing to make a set of stitch markers to replace ones I sold. Then if I’m really on the ball, I’ve got some product photography I could stand to do. I’m also looking to get some more headpins in, which don’t cost much even if I go for broke, so it’ll be nice to have a proper profit month. I’m also looking to see how to set up an offline wiki to use as my bible for the things I make. I currently have a tab in a spreadsheet, but I’d like to have it a bit more… more. Having said that, I could always set up a wiki on one of my domains and lock it to just me, but. I’ll think on it all.


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