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Smaller loves to make art. Their bookbag is always containing something new, usually gifted to me. Today was no exception. Today was special, however, because it was randomly a Pikachu. I’ve not asked her what inspired her to do one, but it’s pretty freaking good for someone her age. I’m glad that she is confident enough to make, though we are aware that a smidge of perfectionism is slipping around the edges and causing her undue stress. She tried to ask for a day off in the past week because, as it turns out, she wasn’t having luck doing an art that was in her head, and it stressed her out so much that she didn’t want to go to school. Z made sure to talk to her teacher about it, and yeah, they understand. As they put it — Smaller is so creative and has so many ideas, but they are often beyond her current abilities to make happen. So I hope that we can do our best here and there to encourage her just keep doing, because it’s something that she enjoys and as said — is pretty good at for her age.

Today has been aight on the whole. Got the work done I wanted mainly within working hours. My post-work has been grinding up Z’s Diablo 3 seasonal character that he rolled to potentially help me. Of course, that means that he’s got more paragon levels than he’s probably ever had and a good start on set armour, so that’s something. *chuckles* I don’t know/think that we can get him through the season to the stash tab before the season ends in a few days, but I like that maybe we can get some game time in on our dating franchise (when we were still separated by the Atlantic, we’d play Diablo 2 together most nights. I know, daww, etc)

So yeah, back to le grind for now! He’s gonna probably log in later and take a looksee at stuff. He’s been trying to find/set up mods so he can do the PC version with a controller, because the default controls are murder on his hands/wrists/arms/entire body. I’d love for him to find a way to play comfortably, because this is legit the only game I really want to play with anyone else — and only him. 🙂

Off to putting childling to bed. Have a goodun.


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