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Well, so far so good on the toe up sockery. Of course, I’ve not looked ahead to see what other surprises there might be, but I picked a fairly straightforward pattern to do. I know doing heels and gussets and stuff was scary the first time going the other way, so I’m sure that it’ll be a bit daunting going the other way for the first time. But eh! It’s about challenging myself and expanding my skillset.

Past sockery, I’ve been grinding in Diablo 3. I just need to run one more set armour through GR 55, and I *think* I’m almost there. Whether I sit back until the new season comes, or just see if I can get that tiny bit further, maybe complete that final challenge set… we’ll see. I predict I’ll take a break and go play something else for a bit, and eventually get back around to it.

Anyhoos, time to shoo childling to bed, so might as well try to get my head around that.


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