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It took about three goes casting it on, but I managed to get the Turkish cast-on on, and built upon. It’s fairly easy to do once I tamp down the anxiety of learning something new and like… do the thing. The pattern I’m doing called for the figure eight cast-on, but like… close enough? And easier too, since the version of the Turkish cast-on that I’ve found doesn’t require one to knit in back loops to prevent twisting. Depending on how the rest of the ‘backwards’ construction goes, there’s a good chance I’ll switch to toe up by default. We’ll see.

Past that, not much to report. I was feeling like I might be getting a fibro flare early on. I’m… not sure? I had to run to the postbox, so I made sure to do that promptly in case something slammed in. I mean, it probably has some, but I’ve been keeping myself as distracted as possible so that I am less likely to get hung up on it and make it feel… bigger. Thinking about it just a smidge to write about it is making it feel very real… rude.

But anyways, it is what it is.


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