Nearing New Territory

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I am almost, excitedly, nearing the end of the foot part. I am almost, terrifyingly, near to new-to-me construction territory. I’m trying to not look ahead so I don’t overthink it, but oh laws, it’s coming.

Past that, not much going on today, as is my preferred way. I ran Z through some stuff in Diablo 3. I took some product photos, and got one listing renewed. The other listing… I’m frustrated. I think that they work for 19mm needles, but everything that I have that claims to be 19mm measures up 18mm? Maybe I’m just super overthinking it? I don’t want someone to buy them and then be cross because they don’t work for their purposes. They’re pretty though, so idk. I’ll figure something out.

Time to get childling up to bed, and then see what’s up from there.


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